What we are up to.

Current Research

Trans Psychotherapy Study

We are conducting a randomized controlled trial of psychotherapy with TNG clients to understand more about the experiences of TNG individuals in psychotherapy.  Results of this study will inform mental health care providers of best practices with TNG clients.

Trans Youth and Family study

We interviewed TNG youth and their caregivers to understand their familial experiences.  We are analyzing the interviews for concordance (agreement) and discordance (disagreement) among family members.  The findings will inform care for TNG youth and their families.  We are also analyzing the emotions experienced by the youth during their process of coming out to their families.

Meta-analysis of Anxiety and Depression in TNG Individuals

We are conducting a meta-analysis of studies reporting anxiety and depression among TNG individuals.  Results will help clarify the impact of minority stress on well-being among TNG individuals, and inform future approaches to treating anxiety and depression in TNG clients.

Nonbinary Identity Study

We interviewed individuals who identify as nonbinary  to understand their experiences related to minority stress, coming out, and coping.

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